It is very important that you hire the right web developer for your Company. Otherwise, you risk hurting your business, as well as wasting time and money seeking a replacement.

A brilliant web developer who has worked at a large financial institution may not do well at your startup. Make a list of your company’s requirements and then make sure the interviewee matches at least three.

Try out a new developer with a small project first

Although you might think you’ve identified your ideal candidate, just to be sure you should give him or her small, non-critical project. That can let you observe the person in action and provide additional information beyond the job interview.

You can see how efficient the candidate is in delivering products and how buggy the final product is. Did he/she go above and beyond to get the product delivered? How creative was the solution? How well did he or she work in a team and communicate problems and delays?

Take your time when hiring, but if you realize the person isn’t working out, let him / her go as fast as you can. A lazy web developer can be disturbing to the all team and web development. Missing deadlines can be especially detrimental to startups where resources are tight and the ability to develop and improve products quickly and efficiently can make or break them.

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