Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert your web traffic into sales

Effective conversion rate optimization is essential for any company that wants to grow. Does your website provide a conversion rate for prospects when they visit your website? Is the bounce rate simply the percentage of visitors who come to the website and then leave after a few minutes? The CRO strategies we employ at NexVisTech help in increasing web traffic, promoting customer loyalty, and growing your business.

Websites are the front face of your business. They provide your brand identity and establish its credibility. So you need to make sure it is designed in the right way that projects your brand values and promotes customer loyalty. 

What we do

We at NexVisTech have over a decade of experience designing and implementing marketing plans for many reputable businesses and websites. Through our team of conversion rate specialists, we will provide you with assistance throughout the conversion process. Utilizing cutting-edge tools for tracking and converting site visitors and subsequently performing testing and evaluation to ensure the strategies implemented to produce results. So are you ready to work with us to generate more leads through your website?

Website Design

We design websites that convert visitors into customers – Our certified designers focus on CRO checkpoints to create appealing user interfaces that will boost the conversion rate of your business. Following the best practices, leveraging clear CTAs and valuable content, we develop core elements of the website that can easily convert your prospective customers.

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Landing Page Optimization

As a part of our strategy, we provide landing page optimization services to design and optimize high-converting landing pages of your marketing campaigns. Leveraging proven CRO strategies and conducting A/B testing, our designed landing pages serve the best in converting potential audiences and improving the conversion rate of your website.

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User Experience Optimization

Boost the ROI of your business by improving the user experience of your website. At NexVisTech, we provide UX optimization services to help in increasing the conversion rate of a business. Our experts run a behavioral audit first to see which action your targeted audience takes when landing on your site. We help you achieve and deliver a seamless user experience that meets your customer’s expectations and increases the overall conversion rate.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a key strategy in improving conversion rate – By optimizing your website for search engines, we attract highly relevant and qualified traffic to your business. Our SEO experts are well aware of Google updates and how much these affect any website and craft a strategy that aligns with Google requirements. Such strategies include designing a site structure that is easy to navigate, boosting page loading speed, improving keyword positioning, and many more. All such practices are implemented that guarantee a positive change in site conversion rate and search engine rankings.

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Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics provides very useful insights into user behavior and actions. At NexVisTech our CRO experts understand the importance of Google Analytics stats and how these stats can be used to improve your site performance. We find it mandatory to integrate Google Analytics on any project that we undertake. Doing this gives us an idea of what is lacking in a website that is generating low traffic so we can devise a strategy to improve such areas of a site that are contributing to low conversions.

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Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce optimization services involve improving your website that allows users to convert easily. Our Ecommerce optimization experts can easily recognize what is lacking in a business site that is contributing to low conversions and start fixing it right away. Our Ecommerce optimization services mainly focus on improving site structure and layout, adding relevant CTA, managing PPC ads, using relevant keywords in product descriptions, and improving any other feature that is lacking in your site. The ultimate goal of implementing such practices is to make your respective customers convert easily and make them loyal to your brand.    

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We analyse your problem and develop a strategy




We analyse your problem and develop a strategy

Optimization of Conversion Rate, or CRO, is the art of ensuring that users perform the desired actions on a website in order to increase the number of visitors. There may be several things involved in these actions, from enrolling for a service or subscribing to purchasing or completing an inquiry form.

We charge on a monthly basis for our CRO services. Depending on what improvements are needed in your website and how much time it will take to improve your site performance charges may vary. Nominally we charge $xxxx monthly for our CRO services.
You can contact us via Email at or dial xxxx-xxxxx to get in touch with our customer service representative in case of any query you have regarding CRO services.
Yes, we work in all the time zones of America (EST, PST, AST, CST, MST, AKST, and HST) at flexible hours to manage our nationwide clients.

Every metric that impacts a site’s performance is taken into consideration. Following are the metrics we pay utmost attention to:


  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site 
  • Site loading speed 
  • Visits per pages 
  • Mobile device performance 
  • New vs returning users 
  • Cost per conversion 

We offer the following service in our CRO program: 

  • Website design services 
  • Landing page optimization 
  • User experience optimization 
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Google Analytics integration 
  • Ecommerce conversion optimization

Yes, we provide a monthly report containing all the relevant metrics of CRO to our clients. You can ask for your CRO reports at any time of the month you want.

A/B testing and user preference testing are some of the CRO methods we use. Users are provided with different versions of the site in the context of user preference testing. They are asked to give feedback on each version. If you have actionable feedback that can be used to make changes, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will act upon your suggestions until they do not need to be addressed.

It is our practice to sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) with clients and to work in close collaboration with them during and after the project development process in order to ensure confidentiality and security.

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