Our web-designers are creating custom, fully interactive responsive web sites and web applications that support your brand and meet your business objectives. Well develop your brand for company's identity, if it already does not have one, and create a custom web-design around it. Our web designers are fully trained for compatibility with multiple operating systems, screen resolutions, download speeds, responsive web designs, interactive rich designs and multimedia capabilities. They are creative, do custom web and graphic designs.

Responsive Web Design

We help making your websites look great every where
It is an approach to web-design in which a website is crafted to give the best screening experience across a wide range of different devices and screen sizes such as, smart-phones, iPhone, tabs etc. We are also providing ADOPTIVE DESIGN service in which your mobile just not only adopt to screen size but also adopt as per device capabilities and is much more effective with its smart resource usage.

Functional UI/UX

We help build UI and UX which give maximum productivity and are robust to adopt according to their user
Our mindful and creative staff work together to define good UI/UX which we believe is the difference between a good or bad website, application. Keeping it simple, only exposing what is needed to current user yet providing all options needed. Effective design communication, messaging and alerts provide user exactly what they need without any fuss. UI/UX is about people not some fancy animation techniques and layout. Turing any concept into a simple, user friendly yet beautiful interface goes big in the success of the that application or website. Although part of this service is involved in many other services we offer but you can hire us to dedicate design your UI/UX.

Web Application Design

We help design web applications for your business which can become quickly popular and productive among your staff.
Websites and Web applications are blurred together in modern web technologies but we keep them separate to define better scope and keep our design process simple and more interactive based on the nature of the application. More extensive data driven applications need different user interactions than more graphically driven applications. With our experience application users are more comfortable using the UI design which they can relate in their daily work process so business and/or corporate environment and legacy tools help us define blue prints which we blend with latest technologies to provide a productive environment. You can bundle our web application development service to get full package.

Mobile Application Design

We help making your mobile app look professional, user friendly and great experience.
Mobile Applications are latest trend in interacting customers for products and services as well keeping your customer in continuous touch. Mobile apps are more about intuitive experience and with less real estate and more interaction options available there are more scope of creative ideas and interesting user interface and more interactive user experience. Keeping your brand and identity representing your mobile app we design your app to provide best experience. You can also look at our Mobile Application development service or combine both to get full value package at affordable price.

Branding and Logo Design

We help creating brand identity, logo and visually appealing unique brand designs.
Logo design, branding and identity design work hand in hand together to form your business image as a whole. Our Brand Logo design process includes, knowing the client, knowing the customer, know their competitions, usage and marketing strategies. Blending all this with latest trends and visual techniques help us create an identity which leaves a lasting impression on your customer while looking visually appealing. Our services also includes social media covers, profile pictures, backgrounds, flyers and other brand design generation.

Landing Page Design, Responsive Newsletters Design and Others

We help close agreements, contracts to build confidence and start delivering.
We help in designing landing pages that work and convert. We make it look better appealing and responsive. We customize it to deliver your message across in your own flavor. Stratigically placed call to action bring more conversions and sales. We help you use statistics, A/B testing and other optimizing tools to help improve landing page performance. NexVisTech design responsive, personalized, appealing email newsletter templates which help you drive interaction, engagement and actions. We code them and make them compatible all well known email clients. As for all our services we are strictly follow NDA terms and we provide 100% money back guarantee. We will also help you design, forms, maps, banners, icons, buttons, call to actions, basically meeting all your digital design needs.