The RolThe Role of Angular JS and Node JS in Modern Web Application Development

Do you know what Angular JS and Node JS are? Angular JS is an HTML which is enhanced its functionality to build a web app. Looking back to the history of the HTML, HTML initially only used to create a static document (website), not to create a web app. Well, now imagine that since the beginning of HTML was developed to create a web app that is the concept Angular JS. Node JS is a software that is designed to develop Web-based applications. Node.js is executed as an application server. This platform uses JavaScript programming language and uses non-blocking techniques to speed up the process. The non-blocking technique is a method of settlement of a function. These frameworks are also used by the USA web application development company to create a modern web.

Nowadays, most of the USA web application development companies use angular JS and Node JS in developing a modern web application. Node JS and Angular JS are very important, especially in modern web application development. Here are some roles that have been applied by the USA web application development company.

  1. Introduce a Browser with New HTML Syntax

HTML5 offers a new element such as video, audio, canvas, and any more. Using Angular JS we can add new more elements which are recognized by the browser like drag gable that has a function to drag the element.

  1. Dependency Injection

It allows developers to write some code components which are separated from each other. When required one component, developers can call the required components and can use the available functions. This feature allows developers to create components that can be used repeatedly (reusable component).

  1. Node JS for High-Performance Web App

This framework is made to obtain a high-performance web application and optimize high concurrent environment as well. Node JS Framework allows working with high reliability and with I / O non-blocking. The purpose of this non-blocking is to avoid the long waiting process and reduce the CPU load.

  1. Non-Blocking Operation

Node architecture that is built with the non-blocking approach is the main feature of the framework Node JS. With this approach, when we want to access the database, read data from a file, or send data through Socket, we have to create a callback function. After the execution of code, Node JS is still working until the data is provided, whether the work was a success or not, so we can control it back.


In summary, in developing a modern web application, the USA web application development company relies on Angular JS and Node JS because Angular JS uses MVC method which makes our application source code clean and easy to develop. Until now, Angular JS has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and very much in use by developers around the world to build the application. Node JS improves the web performance and scalability. Node JS can handle it quickly. Node is also great for RESTful-API – a web service that takes some input parameters and gets the data without using a big resource. Node JS is able to proceed hundreds of data at the same time. In contrast to PHP, the more it handles the process, the more resources are needed to get a response from wanted request.