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Have you ever wonder how the application on your mobile phone can work well? It is because the mobile application is developed in the proper way. So, how is the application built? Similar to the websites which you can easily find on the internet, the mobile application is built using the combination of websites technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The general type mobile applications are the web, native, and hybrid applications. Most people choose the type of the mobile application based on their needs. The hybrid mobile application is hosted inside the device itself but its also written using the web technologies such as JavaScript.

Whatever the type, creating a mobile application is indeed a complex process. The main aim of the hybrid mobile application development in USA is to make the application perform everything on the single page. Nowadays application includes loads of sections which are intertwining with each other on the same page. To make things go slightly easy, you need to use the JavaScript for the development.

The Role of JavaScript

The process of developing a mobile application generally starts with the main idea of how the application will appear on the screen. You probably want to put the application performance on the first consideration since people tend to dislike slow things. That is why you need tools to make the application runs faster. Using the right JavaScript platform will definitely make the mobile application come out as you hope. Choosing the right JavaScript framework is also not easy; here are the top three frameworks which you can give it a try.

Top 3 JavaScript Frameworks

There are numerous JavaScript frameworks out there; however, not all of them offer the complete frameworks which mean that not every framework can be utilized to create the complete section of the application. Most of those kinds of JavaScript frameworks are categorized as the tools to help the coding easier; however you probably still have to depend on other frameworks in order to get complete the job. Actually, it is a little bit hard to find a framework that can accomplish everything; however, here are the three best JavaScript frameworks for your reference.

AngularJS – this is the most used JavaScript frameworks since it has everything that any mobile application may need. It has lots of features and flexible and also has approximately 800 modules. The AngularJS has community backing with over one million members. The framework uses the two-way binding data concept; this framework also a comprehensive one to reduce the introduction need to other JS libraries during the development process.

CansJS – even though this framework is relatively new and still a lack of popularity; however, surprisingly, CanJS offers ultimate ease of use as well as flexibility. Due to the lack of popularity, there is also less customer support and tutorial.

jQuery Mobile – the latest version of the framework has a very lightweight code base, a gesture-friendly format which will make the operations very easy for touch screen users. Surely this framework will make the application runs faster and smoother.