Responsive Web Design is not always a Great User Experience - NexVisTech

After 2014, more and more people will use the more mobile phone to get internet access rather than using desktop PC. Due to the fact that people demand fast thing including website response; the responsive web design seems to find a good spot for the people needs.

What is the Responsive Design?

The main purpose responsive web design is to create a website with the inherent flexibility that can make the fluid grips, CSS media Queries and images application able to adapt the very design and content of the website fit to any devices, be it PC computer, iPad, laptop, or even Smartphone. This means that you do not have to create a separate desktop and mobile version or basically you do not have to make an application which can fit every popular device on the planet because the responsive web design able to adapt to everything.

It sounds very interesting and promising to improve user experience; however, is this truly the right method? The truth is every wed design method has the weak points, and this new thing on the field is still far away to be considered as the solution to the people problems. While most people still consider responsive web design as the right solution; however, we are going to point out the basic flaws that need to be considered.

Image resizing – this is a major consideration before using the responsive web design because good designers should depend on images or picture in order to illustrate the concept. The responsive web design considers that images are the main problematic matter as you need to download the unnecessary large file and then resizing it to fir the screen resolution in order to view the full images.

Defeats user expectation – the responsive design in some ways indeed confuse the users. Take for an example of the “standard” blog design with a header at the top, content in one side, and sidebar on the other; that kind of design has been adopted by million bloggers worldwide. However, if you visit a responsive design website, the side bar usually almost disappears since it probably has been re-jigged and moved to the bottom or top page.

More expensive and takes longer – frankly speaking, the responsive design website will cost you more compared to the non responsive design. You will need to stretch the resource and thus, force you to pay more additional money. In addition, to make a responsive design website takes time as well as involving additional complications.

Overall, whether the responsive or non-responsive design website; it is all the matter subjective decision which made by the designer. You need to fully consider the user expectations and experience as well as a compromise it with your budget and also the time that it takes to make the website. If you decide to use the responsive one, make sure that you get the best service from the responsive web design company in USA to decrease the possible flaws.