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  • Here’s the fuss. Google’s Mobilegeddon has been affecting both new and current websites. What is it, exactly? It’s a name created by web developers and webmasters to the new algorithm update by Google. It’s launched on April 21, 2015. Internet Marketing Company USA and services have been discussing the main effect of this update. Its primary effect is to provide priority to sites that are approachable on mobile devices and smartphones. That means the update doesn’t affect searches done from a laptop or a PC. People have a different perspective on this change. Some of them consider it as a destructive update.

    The Beginning

    Webmasters call it “Armageddon” due to the update can cause lots of commotion to page rankings. However, Google has a good intention whether or not any sites look good on mobile devices. Today, people can see breadcrumb format for any URLs on pages of smartphones’ search engine results. The previous format is quite plain. Based on data, search engine ranking on PC decreases over time caused by that change. Other companies also do the measurement and they have found the same result. On the other hand, the search engine results rank higher on the smartphone. The algorithm has made it more mobile friendly.

    Internet Marketing Company

    Online Marketing Company USA has realized how this update may affect the site. Mobile rankings have been in quite different rankings from a desktop. People used to think that they don’t need a mobile website.  Everything comes in an opposite way this day. Smartphones have the capability to browse any content that computers can. Search engine optimizations affect both smartphones and desktops. The algorithm update has made mobile devices become friendlier. This causes a big difference between desktop and smartphone rankings. In fact, people can’t boost their revenue if they don’t optimize their mobile website. Does this change is really important?

    What about the Future?

    Many people are hoping that Google may neglect their new mobile-friendly update. However, it won’t happen quite soon. On the other hand, Google considers it as a beginning. That means they want to continue to update and develop search results for smartphone users. The numbers of people who use smartphones to search information increase over time, in fact. This motivates Google to prioritize these people. That means they will provide the best service for the best experience. The company continues tweaking their new algorithm as the time goes by. They will add aspects as they find it supports the mobile searchers.

    The question is whether Internet Marketing Company USA can survive this update or not. Well, don’t panic. People should use this change as an opportunity to review how they manage their web presence. This may help their business in the future. All business owners should adapt to the change. They can’t rely on their online site forever. The mobile site becomes more popular this day. Almost all people own a smartphone. That means they may use the mobile device to browse information on the go. The need for efficient and simple appearance will be so much compulsory. The new algorithm made by Google focuses on users’ satisfaction.

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