Explanation of Black Hat SEO

Increasing ranking in major search engines (particularly in Google) is a common practice for business owners that have a site. Trouble is that there are so many expert optimizer and link builders that practice black-hat SEO techniques without the knowledge of site owner. These companies are paying the marketing fee without realizing that these “experts” have in fact done them a disservice.

Black hatters are coming up with new approaches’ day by day to try and get around the algorithm changes that Google is releasing regularly. Some of the strategies in black-hat SEO are still being used by black experts and your site will become the next victim without you even knowing it.

Black Hat SEO Tacts

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Some of the Most Common Techniques of Black Hat SEO and Link-Building:

Keyword Stuffing

This is accomplished by assessing the best key words for the niche of the website and filling the site with those keywords. We can give an example of keyword stuffing to post an article on the website with each one of those words showing up multiple times in such types of articles; usually these keywords are pointed where it does not make a sense at all when a person actually read it.

Spam Blog Posting

Spam blog’s posting is set up in a blogging format but the entries have absolutely nothing to do with each other and all contain a bad back-link of your site. These bad back-links are created by the black-hat search engine optimization companies. Such types of articles are generally comprises keywords but give no technical information or good material. Some companies or SEO experts or link builders are using these bad techniques.

Black Hat Search Engine Optimizer

Black Hat Search Engine Optimizer

Wrong Blog Comments

In moderation and if it is completely a legitimate comment because you are following an exacting blog, then this is not a black-hat method. If your site is about carpet cleaning but link builders are posting comments on irrelevant posts, then this tact is called black or grey- hat techniques. If you are commenting for the specific purpose of building links to a website/websites is a black hat link-building techniques. Google and other search engines know these techniques and are taking the steps essential to recognize these types of black hat link-building and ban or penalize the sites that practice it.

Hidden Text and Keywords

This is when there is a bunch of invisible text somewhere on the page that the human eye can’t see unless it is highlighted but the crawlers of all search engines will see it. This tact is not quite a common as it used to be but it was a prevalent and encouraged black hat SEO tactic in recent times.


Black hat SEO techniques are not good for anyone; you hire them to accomplish the task of increasing visibility of your website, ranking and visitors. Later you find out that your site has been placed on a number of lowest class articles, blogs or at sub domains, wrong blog comments and other wrong places around the web. Next ranking of search engines going down and traffic drops because your site has been ban or penalized by the Google and other search engines.

When a company is telling you what they will do for you to build your page rank with best SEO services in USA, listen closely. If something does not sound right at any point in the conversation, it is time to reconsider your SEO strategy, plans and good search engine optimization company Canada.